Meet the Team

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Carol Ralph

Director, Tutor, Pool Plant and Management

Carol first heard about Aqua Babies in 1999 when she was pregnant with her eldest son Matthew. It all sounded so intriguing and because she had always kept active and loved sport, she simply had to become involved.

So, after her son was born, she took him to baby swimming classes and they both loved the programme he completed.

At the time she was deciding on what new challenges to take in her life. The bulk of her career had been with Boots the Chemist holding senior positions in Store Retail management: A Regional Operations and Training Advisor, working out of head office in Nottingham and her last role with Boots as an Assistant Area Training and Development Manager for both large and small stores for the Northwest.

“Becoming involved in Aqua Babies has been amazing! I have had so much fun and fulfillment knowing that what we are doing really makes a difference and is so important and valued. Ultimately for me, it’s about ensuring that potential is reached in an environment that is conducive to learning. Through teaching babies, toddlers and children to explore the joys of the water I am deeply moved by the growth of their self-esteem and ability to succeed. Without experiencing that very first taste of success then I believe you will never really appreciate and strive to be the best you can be and truly successful. Encouraging coaching and leading the way for our children and their parents to achieve has been key for me. There is no feeling in the world like it when you see a huge beaming smile and recognition that something amazing has been experienced.”

“Being involved in Aqua Babies has been the only job I would do for no money and I am extremely proud of the standards we achieve and the focus, new methods and ideas we continuously develop. The Aqua Babies team has such strength and quality within it and when I see parents returning with their 2nd and 3rd siblings and still enthusing and enjoying what we provide, that is so gratifying and rewarding after all these years.”

What has always been important to Carol is that she makes a difference, makes a good impact on people and that her work enhances people’s lives. She has a passion for continuous growth and development and is always looking to better herself and the company. Whilst on maternity leave she studied further to gain an A Level in Psychology and became a Practitioner, then later Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

In 2002 Aqua Babies were looking to recruit new teachers and it was the perfect answer and obvious next step for Carol. Once her second son William was a few months old, she joined the team.

As Aqua Babies grew in popularity Carol’s strengths meant she became a well-respected and dynamic Director, STA tutor and examiner, specifically for baby and pre-school as well as swimming pool plant management certified; adept at ensuring the Aqua Babies Centre runs smoothly and is kept to the highest standard.