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Safe, Hygienic, Warm Water Pools

At Aqua Babies we have exceptionally high standards in pool water safety and hygiene. Led by three fully qualified level 3 pool plant operators, our whole team of teachers are trained in pool water testing ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.

Each pool is carefully selected with many pools being hydrotherapy pools based in specialist schools. Teachers test each pool prior to beginning a session using Palintest equipment.

Hydrotherapy Pools

The power of the warm water in hydro pools has been recognised for thousands of years, back to Greek and Roman bath house times. It is known to be highly therapeutic to the body and soul. Mums enjoy the soothing and weightless effect on their bodies. Specialist schools note how the use of these warm pools positively impact health and wellbeing for all children in their care.

At Aqua Babies we acknowledge the appeal of the warm water, even in the colder winter months the water is hot hot hot! Utilise our sessions too as a social meeting place to make new friends enjoying the water together. Above all the warmth of the water goes a long way in ensuring all children are relaxed happy and eager to learn. Hydrotherapy pools can reach up to 35.5°C.

About The Team

Aqua Babies teachers are qualified baby, toddler and pre school specialists. Not only does each teacher have STA Baby and Preschool certification (as a minimum), they also undergo a further 3-6 months training before going solo in the pool. Each teacher is placed under an experienced teacher’s wing for a further 12 months.

Many of our teachers were introduced to Aqua Babies as parents themselves, giving them great insight into how our parents feel and the experiences parents can go through whilst progressing through the program. Aqua Babies provides ongoing support and professional development both in-house and through the STA. We have teachers who have been members of the Aqua Babies team for 10 -15 years! A testament to what a brilliant programme we have and to those great teachers and whole team. As a team, Aqua Babies is committed to continuously improving, reviewing and growing our programme.

STAmark assessment report 2012

‘It was clear from the assessment that the team responsible for managing and developing Aqua Babies are committed to the principles of continuous improvement and wherever possible ensures that all those involved in the delivery of the programme maintain the highest possible standards in all areas. Staff appeared to be highly motivated, appropriately qualified and willing to take on extra duties to ensure that service delivery is never compromised.

An outstanding feature about this company was the dynamic and enthusiastic nature of the management… The strong belief and enjoyment in their work leads to a passionate desire to spread the word about baby swimming and it’s benefits and to ensure that their own company reflects that belief.

Excellent Governance positions the business as the leading providers of parent and baby swimming teaching provision within Greater Manchester.

What our Customers say...

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