Meet the Team

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Carina Pierce


Carina joined the Aqua Babies team in 2018 bringing with her a wealth of previous experience!

“I have been teaching since 2008 babies through to adults. Teaching swimming is something I am passionate about and love to wake up in the morning knowing that I get to do something as amazing as this. Outside of swimming I love listening to 80s and early 90s style music, dancing and if my family let me, snuggle up in bed with a book.”

“Both my husband and I were born in South Africa with his family being British and mine from Portugal. We moved to the UK over 5 years ago and since then have had a son who also loves to swim.”

What our parents say about Carina Pierce

“Carina is always considerate and caring wanting the best for your child and you. Carina is mindful if you have skipped a class and always calls  to ensure that you are on track or need any support. Carina is full of life and enthusiasm just not so sure about her singing!! But I’m sure that will come!”

Emma Niven & Scarlett aged 2.5 years

“Carina is an excellent swimming teacher. She is brilliant with the babies and toddlers to help increase their confidence in the water. She makes the lessons fun. Carina is amazing at stretching the babies abilities and great at differentiating the lesson to help every child progress to the next stage. She is very good at explaining the next steps. With my baby when we learn a new skill she always tells the parents why we are doing this and what it will develop into in the future.”

Kelly Lamb