1.     One adult and child pair may enter the building for the set times provided in your confirmation letter

2.     Male (adult) changing may be restricted due to social distancing measures. Please let us know in advance if you require male changing

3.     Hand sanitizer is available on entry to the building and at various points throughout. Please also wash your hands prior to your lesson.

4.     Increased cleaning for all areas has been organized. In addition to this please use cleaning equipment provided where asked to do so.

5.     Please use your own towel to dry your hands. Hand dryers will be out of use.

6.     Showers in changing rooms are out of use. Please shower at home after class.

7.     Please aim to socially distance for 2 metres. Passing each other within 2 metres is acceptable for a short period of time occasionally (for example entering a changing room or the building).

8.     If you or any of your household have a cold or any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend class for either 14 days or until a negative test result has been secured

9.     Should you be contacted by track and trace to self isolate please do not attend your lessons for 14 days

10.  All customers must follow the specific safety protocols for each pool in all areas and for movement around the building. These will be available in your confirmation emails.

11.  Spare nappies and loan equipment such as goggles are not available at this time

12.  Course fees, nappy purchases and equipment purchases such as goggles must be made electronically 5 days in advance (we will have your purchase waiting for you at class). We are unable to accept cash payments. Please call the office with your order.

13.  Preservation of life takes priority over covid-19 and your teacher will help any child or adult and perform a rescue including CPR where necessary (with safety procedures in place).

14.  Due to number restrictions catch up classes are not available whilst Covid-19 protocols are in place

Terms and conditions

15.  Course fees must be paid in full and in advance of your course.

16.  Aqua Babies operates an automatic rebooking system for existing swimmers. Existing swimmers will be booked onto their subsequent course unless we are informed before the deadline given that you wish to either change or cancel your lessons for the next term (summer school is not included in the automatic rebooking system, you will be rebooked from the term that was postponed in March).

17.  Aqua Babies uses the SagePay system. Your card will be debited the fees for your next course using this system between the dates which will be given in advance. Should you wish to change your card details please telephone the office.

18.  Should you not be continuing onto a further course Aqua Babies will refund any classes cancelled by ourselves at the end of the current course. Using the SagePay system onto the card used to pay for the course.

19.  Aqua Babies allows for a class time change of up to half an hour. You will receive and email with your new class time and dates prior to fees being charged. Should you not be able to make a time change please contact us urgently.

20.  Notification of automatic rebooking and transfer deadlines will be communicated in advance.

21.  Cancellation of whole courses will be accepted in writing, more than 10 days in advance of your course start date. A £20.00 administration charge will be applied to your refund.

22.  Missed lessons for any reason other than those cancelled by Aqua Babies, cannot be refunded in any circumstance, nor can they be transferred to subsequent courses or alternative days except for arranged catch up classes taken within the current swimming term (catch up classes are not available during Covid-19 protocols).  In the instance of long term absence due to medical reasons, please contact the Admin Team for advice

23.  Under normal circumstances Aqua Babies operates a goodwill catch up lesson system. This is for a maximum of 2 lessons a term. Please ensure you have read the Catch up class information given below. We will inform you once we are able to reinstate catch up classes.

24.  Aqua Babies reserves the right to cancel a lesson without notice, should a pool or instructor be affected by unforeseen circumstances.  A full refund/credit will be given for that lesson.  Aqua Babies is not responsible for travel expenses incurred

25.  One adult must enter the water with each baby. That adult is exclusively responsible for the safety of the baby both in the pool and the surrounding areas

26.  Babies must wear two nappies, both a disposable swim nappy/suitable under nappy alternative and a Splash About ‘NEW STYLE Happy Nappy’. Happy Nappies are available to buy from your teacher/head office

27.  Babies who are ill must not swim. Any babies or adults experiencing sickness and diarrhoea must not swim for a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure other babies are not infected

28.  Adults must listen to their teacher at all times and swim baby on instruction so as to ensure the safety of all babies in each class.

29.  Jewellery (except plain wedding rings) and make up should be removed before entering the pool for Health and Safety and water hygiene reasons

30.  Shoes must be removed/blue overshoes worn before entering any changing area or wherever indicated to do so

31.  Food. Changing rooms and poolside are food free areas this includes snacks for babies. Food waste including crumbs and raisins creates unhygienic changing facilities.

32.  Photography is permitted from the designated viewing area by someone known to a member in the class, at the teacher’s discretion.  This is within the rules of our photography policy (available on request and at No filming, pictures (including mobile phones) may take place in any changing area. Underwater filming or photography is not allowed during Aqua Babies classes

33.  Lost Property will be kept for 1 month as securely as possible. If unclaimed after 1 month it will be disposed of accordingly. Odds and ends lost property such as shampoo, dummies, socks etc will be disposed of at the end of each day. Aqua Babies accepts no responsibility for lost property in any way.  Valuables are left at the owner’s own risk

34.  Aqua Babies complies to GDPR data protection please see our privacy policy for full details.


Catch Up class Information:

Catch up classes are currently unavailable during Covid-19 measures. Once lifted the information below will be reinstated.

In order for us to allocate as many catch up classes as possible within each term please note the following protocols.

Please call the office on 0161 519 5504 to book a catch up class

For instances such as holidays and appointments known in advance please call during the first week of term to book a catch up class.

Where possible please call us before your missed class.

We will do our best to organise a catch up class for you, please note the following:

A catch up lesson must be taken within the booked term. Catch up lessons are offered where there is space at a pool that is a suitable level for you. This may be at a different pool and with a different teacher. Aqua Babies is not able to rearrange catch up lessons once booked unless the catch up lesson is cancelled by Aqua Babies. Should a catch up lesson be cancelled by Aqua Babies an alternative lesson can be arranged, Refunds are not issued for cancelled catch up lessons. Should a customer book the space in the class permanently we may need to contact you to arrange another alternative.

Should catch up classes availability be full for the term we are unable to refund or carry them over.

Catch up classes are a goodwill gesture as we understand life with children can be unpredictable.


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What our Customers say...

“I just wanted to say that we really appreciated the (free) Extra Classes. They have made a massive difference in just a few weeks and Oliver is back to being confident and happy swimming.”


Grace is loving her new swimming lessons, so I just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers who have taught her.

Philippa Allen with Grace

I think Aqua Babies is a wonderful swimming class for young children and my daughter has definitely benefited and have recommended Aqua Babies to all my friends.

Ruth Ryan – Mother to Isobel Wells

Helen has been brilliant with my daughter. I am totally delighted with the results we have achieved in the last two terms!

Charlotte Wedd with Pre-schooler Gizelle

I have had Sue teach throughout for both boys and think she is excellent at what she does and more importantly my children respond well and really like her.  I have nothing but praise for the classes I have been attending.

Craig Jack with sons Alexander and Alisdair

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