What is U.V. and why is it so good?

Ultraviolet disinfection (U.V)

Treatment of pool water at the Aqua Babies Centre was at first a challenging task, the balance between the need to use chemicals and the need for swimmers (especially our babies) to be comfortable and not irritated has always been a complex one to manage. We require reliable effective disinfection of our water with low levels of chlorine and very low levels of combined chlorine in order to provide a safe and pleasant environment to our customers – young babies, children and their parents, as well as a system effective against cryptosporidium.

Ultraviolet disinfection (U.V) produces short wave Ultraviolet light and has a photo-oxidation effect that destroys all bacteria. In addition to its fantastic disinfectant ability U.V. also destroys chloramines.

Aqua Babies chose a system called Lazur, as it has an additional ultrasound section which breaks down the bacteria as it passes through the light, creating a unique double system.

Having this U.V. system helps protect our babies, toddlers and in fact everyone in the water! It kills 99.9% of pathogens from the water, including cryptosporidium which is a chlorine resistant organism that causes stomach illness.

Chloramines which are also destroyed by the U.V. system are the by-product of chlorine; they are created by the chemical reaction to sweat and urine. Chloramines can be irritating to swimmers eyes and respiratory systems and are responsible for the ‘chlorine smell’ which is often associated with swimming.

With our system removing Chloramines we are providing the very best for our swimmers. It’s the way forward for pools and especially for baby swimming.