Sue Stansfield


Sue’s son Nicholas was one of Aqua Babies first babies (he’s now 15!), closely followed by her daughter Megan. Sue’s initial career was based in the catering industry, where lots of thinking on your feet, problem solving and multi-tasking is needed! As her children headed towards school age the call for Aqua Babies teachers went out and it looked like an ideal career change, allowing her to use all her previous skills in a very different way. Sue has now been teaching for over ten years bringing her experience and a calming influence to her classes.

What our parents say about Sue

“Thank you Sue since starting your lessons Elsa has massively grown in confidence. We think you are a fab instructor. Elsa says “swimming Sue swimming Sue, swimming Sue”. A definite thumbs up!” Chris Sally and (Elsa)

“How much we’ve enjoyed Aqua Babies and are looking forward to our next course next week. Sue has been wonderful and Bella loves the water. What a great start to her swimming experience!! Thank you so much.” Jo with baby Isabella

Sue said

“So, how does a trained chef become a baby swimming teacher? I’m not really sure where my love of cooking came from because my Mum was, and still is, hopeless in the kitchen but, for some reason, and from a very early age, I’d always wanted to be a chef or work in the catering industry. All my schooling was aimed at this career. I worked for several contract catering companies working in industrial kitchens, business canteens, schools and elderly people’s residences. Often I was the only person there or perhaps the head of a small team and this all gave me a real insight into what it’s like to be based on-site, on your own and working to, literally, serve customers, many of whom became good friends. Working in this sort of environment certainly teaches you how to find creative solutions, how to relate to people and how to manage your own time.

Little did I realise at the time that this would be a great experience for what was to come later.

When first my son was born, followed by my daughter, I wanted to focus on them whilst they were so young, so I left the world of catering behind and embraced motherhood. My husband and I wanted to ensure that our children would be safe in and around water and wanted them to be confident swimmers, so we enrolled them in Aqua Babies. They loved it and took to the water immediately and I loved being in the water with them, learning how to encourage them to do well.

The time soon came for the children to start full time nursery school and my thoughts turned to what I would do with myself.  Coincidentally, at the same time,  Wendy was searching for parents who would be interested in becoming swimming teachers as the demand for the classes was so high.

I jumped at the chance and after training in 2002 I became an Aqua Babies teacher in January 2003, it’s been ten years and I’ve never looked back!

I love working for Aqua Babies.  All my previous experience of working alone, motivating myself to perform well, discovering and implementing new and fun activities, meeting up with and encouraging our customers and, above all, helping the youngest of children to develop such an important life skill is so rewarding.

I’ve seen the Aqua Babies experience from both sides, both as a parent and now as a teacher, so I think I understand what it feels like bringing a child for swimming lessons. I can’t begin to explain the joy of seeing a child that you’ve coached since being a baby actually swimming, unaided, for 5 or 10 metres.

It makes me feel so proud every time!”