Mark Johnson


Aqua Babies classes are often the most popular classes for dads to attend with their babies. Bringing his son to Aqua Babies classes back in January 2000, Mark did not realise that one day he would become a member of our teaching team.

Mark has now been teaching classes for seven years. He also has worked carefully with our older toddlers, helping develop a programme which suits those young children who have not attended our baby classes.

Mark Johnson

What our parents say about Mark

“We’re loving the sessions that we’re signed up for.  Absolutely brilliant and the little one is getting along famously.  Seems to enjoy it! Mark, our instructor is great.  He remembers all the babies names and how they are getting on.  I never thought I’d feel comfortable watching my daughter being submerged underwater, however, he helped me take it all in my stride and my seven months old thrives on the new experiences and is beginning to learn to take a breath before she is dunked.  Looking forward to next week already!” Laura Hall with baby Millie

“Hi Wendy, I just thought you might like to know how well Marie -Anna is doing in her swimming since leaving Aquababies 2.5 years ago.

She’s been going to lessons at Cheadle pools and has now been invited to join Stockport Metro swimming club, and had her first real competitive event there on Saturday. She’s doing really well for her age group, and we’re obviously very proud of her.

Please pass this news onto Mark, all his hard work in the tricky clingy days have well and truly paid off now!”  Geraldine Butterworth

Mark said

“When my first son Kofi was born he was enrolled in Aqua Babies. It was amazing to see him under water at such a young age, and I was really impressed that by the time he was two he could swim really well! I then moved to Italy and later Hong Kong, becoming a stay at home dad to Kofi and my second son Rico. I loved being so involved with my sons and went on to set up a play group in Hong Kong.

On returning to Manchester I enrolled Rico with Aqua Babies. Being a little older he gave us some challenges which sparked my interest in toddlers’ attitude to life and swimming! Aqua Babies were looking for new teachers and I thought it was the best next life decision I could make.

I have seen both my children and my partner’s children become great swimmers with Aqua Babies and my work is both rewarding and fun! You really feel like you are doing something good in life. It’s the best job on the planet!”