Jo Green


Jo first came to Aqua Babies in 2001 attending classes with her eldest daughter.


With her previous work in the IT industry, Jo’s first experience teaching was when she taught English as a second language in Japan, before taking a break to have her first daughter.  Jo’s enthusiasm for her daughters Aqua Babies classes and the early swimming skills she achieved meant she was keen to get involved and train as a teacher in 2002, taking her first classes in 2003.

She now has a wealth of experience and has developed many play-and-learn activities for our toddlers and her classes are always vibrant and bubbly!

What our parents say about Jo

“Jo is absolutely fantastic.  She clearly loves the children and they know it.  She puts them at ease and my son thinks she’s the best.” Michele Banks and baby meredith

Jo said

“When I started Aqua Babies with my eldest daughter I just loved the way that she moved so freely and happily in the water. She’s 12 now and an excellent swimmer. I didn’t want to go back to office work so trained as a Swimming Teacher with Aqua Babies and have been teaching now for ten years. I’m still learning how to get the best from every class and always looking for fresh ways to teach and new ideas to bring to my role.

“What I love about teaching swimming is that every class brings its own challenges and rewards. Every child is at a different stage of development that changes from week to week. As a teacher you have to use all your skills and experience to help them to achieve new skills and gain confidence in the water. The rewards are happy, confident swimmers who are equipped to move onto the next stage of learning.”