Helen Lawrence


Helen has been teaching with Aqua Babies for seven years now. Since training in 2006 she has never looked back, going from strength to strength and mentoring newly trained teachers. Initially training as a nursery nurse her career took her from working with one family to now working with many at Aqua Babies.

Helen Lawrence

What our parents say about Helen

“My son Logan Glasgow has been swimming with Helen for past few months. We are moving back to Scotland this week and didn’t get a chance to say goodbye on his last day as I was poorly. Please pass on my thanks to Helen who was a superb instructor and fantastic at putting little minds at ease. I found your company as a whole to be very professional ,well organised and your instructors very well trained. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family. “ Lorraine and Logan Glasgow

“Helen is by far the best swimming teacher that I have seen (obviously the others were not with your school) She is so professional and extremely good with the children, she is a firm teacher but knows each child so well that she can push them and she knows that they will be fine. I can not comment enough on how good I feel she is for the children in her classes.”
Helen Hibbert

“Dear Helen, just a note to say a bug thank you for everything. Not only have you taught Lola to love swimming (unaided) but you also provided me with a lovely relaxing special half hour to look forward to spending with my otherwise very tiring little girl! You’re an excellent teacher who makes it feel like we’re not being ‘taught’, we love Aqua Babies!” Sam, Stu and Lola

Helen said

“Before joining the Aqua Babies team I was a primary carer for a family who had four children with varying degrees of special needs. My time with the family was extremely rewarding and great fun, yet had its challenges, which over the years taught me to be very patient and resourceful. My ability to provide a consistent, caring and fun environment for the children to learn in gave them the opportunities they needed to develop their own potential.

As the children grew and became more independent I wanted to continue to work with younger children and babies, and as my initial training was as a nursery nurse I applied to work with Aqua Babies. I love every aspect of my job, from introducing a new class to the water, to the excitement of watching them complete their five metres badge. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly each baby and toddler develops the skills they need to be at home in water.

I love teaching babies to swim while providing them with a skill for life.”