How does automatic rebooking work?

During weeks 5 and 6 of your current course we will send you information regarding the following term. This will include course dates and term fees together with a date that is your deadline to notify us should you wish to change or cancel your future course.

This information will be sent to you via email, text message and poolside notices.

Should you wish to transfer or cancel for the next term please inform us by return email or by following the text message instructions you will receive before the deadline date given.

Should we not be informed of any wish to transfer or cancel we will book your next course for you.

Should you decide after the deadline has expired that you no longer wish to swim our cancellation policy is applied.

Once we have rebooked you will receive an email and text message informing you of your course details including the class time and payment dates for it.

Should you chose to pay for your course with cash this must be received by your teacher or at our main office address by the last payment date given on your email

We will send a final confirmation email once payment has been successfully taken.