Take to the water… and experience our courses


Parents and babies can begin our baby swim lessons just as soon as you feel ready and are comfortable to come and join us. We have no lower age limit and we have had babies take their first dip when they are only two weeks old!  Even the smallest babies will be relaxed in one of our warm water pools.

Your first course is a wonderful, gentle introduction to water sensations for your baby and we will teach you to be comfortable and confident holding, moving, floating and playing with your baby in the pool.

Your teacher will gently introduce your baby to the underwater world of submersions and once you are ready we will show you how to smoothly guide your baby under the surface as well.

courses-small-1Initially your baby will use strong natural reflexes to breath hold.  However, during their first course, babies make the amazing transition from breath holding using natural reflexes, to prepared submersions, where baby can breath hold before submersion!  Your teacher will show you when your baby has developed this amazing skill. It is one of the most magical moments in the pool!

Through all our courses your teacher takes into consideration your baby as an individual. Skills are taught at a pace that is comfortable and confidence building for you and your baby, and your teacher adjusts each lesson for each baby attending the class.

Future courses build on independent swimming below the surface of the water

courses-small-2Steady progression takes baby from one second swims on your first course; increasing steadily to ten second swims for our advanced toddlers. Throughout our courses your teacher will continually teach core safety skills; for example your baby will learn to turn under the water to return to the side of the pool and hold on – an essential skill that has saved many lives around the world.

Our Swim School children add to their confidence and safety skills by learning to take a breath during their swims, and achieve swimming for between five and ten metres independently.

A very proud moment for children, parents and your teacher!

courses-small-3On completion of the Aqua Babies programme children can continue on to Pre-school class; this is a special class introduced to bridge the gap which can occur between baby swim classes and traditional swimming lessons. We prepare your pre-schooler for the new adventures ahead with the main aim of this course being to achieve confidence and independence without a parent in the water.  Now it’s your turn to sit back, relax and watch your child’s abilities in the water!

A badge and certificate are awarded at the end of each completed level to celebrate your achievements – without a doubt these will become family treasures!